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ARISE® Network / Overview

Introduction to ARISE® Consulting

Facility training in the Evidence-Based, Best Practice ARISE® Model will help your company improve retention, cost effectiveness and long-term outcome along with reduced AMA rates, staff burnout and turnover.

When you train with ARISE® Consulting you are making a commitment to a comprehensive, family-focused, seamless continuum of care. Your facility will learn to capitalize on viewing individuals and families as competent and able to heal. By the end of the training, your staff will enhance their leadership skills, competence and effectiveness.

Our Facility Training is tailored specifically to any chronic, relapsing, or life-threatening illness depending on your organization’s area of focus. (Click here for logistics and pricing)

ARISE® Consulting is designed to:

  • Improve cost effectivenessFacility Training
  • Increase intake and occupancy rates
  • Reduce AMA rates
  • Improve treatment retention thereby improving long-term outcome
  • Improve staff retention by reducing burnout
  • Reduce relapse rates
  • Improve long-term outcome for individual and family
  • Enhance organization visibility and referral base

The ARISE® Model:

Our program encourages flexibility to suit each specific facility. We recognize that each facility is unique and demands individually designed training and consultation. We specialize your training based on your specific populations served.

The ARISE® Model overcomes barriers to treatment engagement, by helping you understand specialized and varied populations. It builds a philosophy of trust, empowerment and health across personnel and programs. By using the ARISE® Model you will improve the flow from engagement and intake through treatment to discharge and aftercare. Your facility will create a collaborative continuum among staff, clients, families, referral agents and outside providers. We will train your staff to understand the relevance of families to addiction origin, prevention, treatment and aftercare and enhance the alumni program with family involvement for improved outcome.

ARISE® is based on Transitional Family Theory and Therapy(2) (also Evidence-Based, Best Practice). It is the parent of all the current integrative family therapy models(3). Learn more about the ARISE® Model.

Training Options:

  • Become a Certified ARISE® Facility with facility-wide training
  • Train specific staff in applicable components of the ARISE® Model (e.g., intake and admissions only, or clinicians only, etc.)
  • Have a significant number of the staff attend the ARISE® Continuing Care with Intervention training whether or not a few of them become Certified ARISE® Interventionists

For details of facility-wide training and our specific courses, please contact Cara Bradley.