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Videos: Handling Anxiety & Fear

Messages of Hope

Judith Landau discusses pandemics

Importance of Social Connectedness

3 Exercises to Help with Stress, Anxiety and Fear

Rediscovering You: Managing Change, Anxiety and Fears with Dr. Michelle Holcomb

Risk & Resilience in Times of Crisis: Malibu WAAT

More ARISE® Videos

What to expect when you call

Sarah H. – Testimonial

Peter F. – Testimonial

Importance of Intervention

Joe Herzanek, author/Why Don’t They JUST QUIT?, interviews Dr. Judith Landau about the importance of intervention.

TEDx Talks

Dr. Landau tells the story of trauma and recovery through generations and gives clues along the way for healthier families.

Jack Bloomfield on ARISE®

Developing a Sense of Purpose in Support of Recovery


If you want to go far, go together with Dr. Judith Landau and Dr. Constant Mouton


Bad Rap Rehabs with Dr. Judith Landau