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ARISE® Videos

TEDx Talks

Dr. Landau tells the story of trauma and recovery through generations and gives clues along the way for healthier families.

ICAAD: The Importance of the Family in Recovery from Trauma and Addiction

Dr. Landau presents at ICAAD.

Sarah H. – Testimonial

J. Flowers: Why Survival Depends on Family and Community Resilience with Judith Landau

Host Dr. Flowers, Co-Host Robin French and VIP Guest Dr. Judith Landau discuss Dr. Landau’s 40+ years in exploring how to facilitate resilience and healing for individuals, families and communities through collaborative care.

Peter F. – Testimonial

Importance of Intervention

Joe Herzanek, author/Why Don’t They JUST QUIT?, interviews Dr. Judith Landau about the importance of intervention.

What to expect when you call

Developing a Sense of Purpose in Support of Recovery

Jack Bloomfield on ARISE®

Videos: Handling Anxiety & Fear

Messages of Hope

Judith Landau discusses pandemics

Importance of Social Connectedness

3 Exercises to Help with Stress, Anxiety and Fear

Rediscovering You: Managing Change, Anxiety and Fears with Dr. Michelle Holcomb

Risk & Resilience in Times of Crisis: Malibu WAAT


If you want to go far, go together with Dr. Judith Landau and Dr. Constant Mouton


Bad Rap Rehabs with Dr. Judith Landau