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Adolescent Intervention

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An adolescent intervention is different from interventions for young adults or adults. ARISE® Comprehensive Care with invitational Intervention® aims at treatment being a willing choice by the adolescent.

The adolescent years can be difficult for many young people and their families.

  • Challenges at home, school, college, or first job can create enormous stress
  • May lead to a downward path emotionally
  • Can result in:
    • Substance use
    • Compulsive
    • Sexual acting out
    • Addiction to the Internet,
    • Experimentation with food and lifestyle
    • Problems during these developmental years can lead to life-long developmental physical, emotional, and mental health consequences.

When the young person goes to treatment voluntarily, they are:

  • More likely to participate actively in the process right from the beginning,
  • Be less resistant to treatment
  • Less likely to act out and rebel against the treatment program

The major difference with adolescents is the clear understanding that the word of parents is final. If the teen remains resistant, they will still be sent to treatment if the parents decide it is in their best interest. It is very rare for a Certified ARISE® Interventionist to need to apply coercion of any kind. We do not “goon” or remove young people from their homes in the middle of the night.

Age Appropriate Treatment

Adolescents and their families have different needs than adults. They are moving through emotional and maturational developmental stages at a rapid rate. We consider the whole adolescent, their biology, developmental stage, psychological make up, family and friend relationships and context.

An empathic, caring adolescent intervention that includes family members and the young Person of Concern in decision-making have proven an effective way to start the path to health and recovery.    

Intervention for Whole Family Healing

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An intervention is an opportunity for the adolescent to get the help they need. A Certified ARISE® Interventionist will establish a connection with the Person of Concern and their family, opening the door for whole family healing.

The adolescent is invited to join the process right from the beginning with no surprises, no secrets, no coercion, with absolute respect and love.

ARISE® places the utmost importance on removing blame, shame and guilt as we introduce the family to a new life of recovery and healing. The adolescent does not need to hit bottom, get into trouble with the law, or be in danger, before getting help.

It IS possible to overcome addiction and behavioral compulsions in adolescence and young adulthood.