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ARISE® Intervention

The ARISE® Intervention is an invitational, non-secretive, gradually-escalating process. Through Family Invitational Intervention® and Family Motivation to Change®, it empowers families by reinstating and reaffirming their intrinsic strength, resilience and hope which is so often lost in the face of addiction and or mental health issues. ARISE® Intervention is a mind-body-spirit approach to improving quality of life, achieving goals, overcoming challenges, providing service, training and consultation to individuals, families, facilities and communities.

ARISE® gets over 83% of individuals into treatment within three weeks, 96% into treatment within six months and 61% in recovery by the end of the year. LEARN MORE >>

ARISE® Comprehensive Care

dad in plaid shirt with mom in striped shirt with daughter in blue shirt and son in white shirtDrug, alcohol, sex, and other addictions are a chronic, relapsing disease. Merely getting an addicted loved one to enter addition treatment plan is rarely sufficient to end the cyclic nature of addiction. Essential to attaining long-term recovery is continued family and professional involvement through treatment (to prevent checking out against medical advice) and into early recovery when relapse is so probable. ARISE® Comprehensive Care is designed to support families in bridging the gap between the addiction-driven life they have come to consider “the norm” and the unknown freedom of life in recovery.

The ARISE® Intervention has been extensively researched in studies funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) and is considered an Evidence-Based, Best Practice method for treating addicted individuals and their families. ARISE has demonstrated an 83% success rate within 3 weeks, results which have since been replicated in real world settings. Subsequent studies have shown a 61% sobriety rate at 1 year with an additional 10% improved.

Case Management

Addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease, meaning that many people who get into addiction treatment will, once on their own in familiar or unhealthy environments, fall back into active addiction. Most mental health intervention programs focus only on getting the person of concern (PoC) into treatment, but ARISE® Comprehensive Care stays with you and includes includes strategies during and after treatment offering support for your loved one and your family. LEARN MORE >>


Executive Intervention

The ARISE® Invitational Intervention® is designed to meet the challenges of addiction in the workplace. It is flexible, modular and can be tailored to fit the culture of your particular business and timetable. An Executive Intervention calls for a highly qualified interventionist – one who is able not only to influence the addicted individual to get help with their addiction through treatment, but one who will also work with you and their colleagues to support their recovery as they return to the workplace. Our specialized Certified ARISE® Interventionists are highly professional and exercise absolute confidentiality.  LEARN MORE >>

Mental Health Companionship

Our ARISE® Service IRI Certified Recovery Specialists:
  • Offer consultation services to help you navigate through the overwhelming number of services available to find the resources that you and your loved one need to ensure long-term success and health.
  • Provide highly confidential one-on-one client and family/workplace support services within a treatment setting and/or the client’s home and/or workplace, or community, or during regular visits and telephone checkups
  • Serve as Sober Coach, Sober Companion, Personal Recovery Assistant, Daily Mentor and Cheerleader
  • Partner with you as Family Support Specialist, Case Manager
  • Provide Recovery/Health/Mental Health Companionship and/or Coaching
  • Offer Safe Transport/Safe Passage while transitioning between home, treatment, and/or community setting
  • Provide on-going daily Monitoring to insure long term recovery.


About ARISE® & ARISE Network®

ARISE® and ARISE Network® are trademarks owned by Linking Human Systems, LLC and is used by LINC Foundation, Inc. for training under license. ARISE Network® offers training in ARISE® Comprehensive Care with Invitational Intervention® and, through the International Recovery Institute, LLC, offers training for Recovery Specialists.

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