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ARISE® Gaming Addiction Intervention

gaming addictionVideo games are a popular leisure-time activity for many teens and adults.

It can be challenging to recognize gaming addiction because it is so widely accepted as a recreational activity. However, gaming addiction is a growing concern around the world, and those who struggle with it need help and support to recover.

It’s important to recognize that simple enjoyment of a game does not constitute addiction. Gaming addiction occurs when gaming becomes a central tenant of a person’s life, even when other parts of life are left untended. Those addicted to gaming may use gaming as a method to improve mood and a way to escape reality. While many people begin playing video games in their early teens, the addiction may materialize at any time in a person’s life.

Regular or online Gaming addiction can present in a variety of ways.

A person may show signs of addicted behavior through:

  • an obsession with the game
  • lying about the amount of time or money spent on gaming
  • neglect of social life
  • loss of time
  • bouts of anxiety and anger
  • change in personal hygiene

According to recent studies, gaming addiction causes similar changes in the pleasure center of the brain as those seen in long-term drug addicts. A person may sit down for an hour an unintentionally continue to play for 4-5 hours without stopping.

At first, gaming will produce increased dopamine levels in the brain. Over time, those addicted to gaming experience normal dopamine levels while gaming, and lowered levels while not playing video games. This leads to dependency and addiction, much like drug or alcohol addiction, with similar effects on the brain. Increased play time means increased dopamine levels in the brain. The gaming addict may not notice the need for more and more game time as it grows slowly over time.

gaming addiction interventionGaming addiction will take up quite a lot of time in a person’s life.

If a friend of loved one is displaying an unbalanced portion of life dedicated to gaming, or if signs of loneliness, anger, or depression appear, these may be signs a person struggling with an addiction to gaming.

Recovering From Gaming Addiction is Possible

Your certified ARISE® Gaming Interventionist will place focus on modifying and adapting new behaviors and will work with you and your family to provide the best approach and treatment for your loved one.

If your loved one appears to be affected by a gaming addiction, an ARISE® Gaming Intervention can be an effective way to get your loved one and your family the help they need to collectively heal. ARISE® gets over 83% of individuals into treatment within 3 weeks, 96% into treatment within 6 months and 61% in recovery by the end of the year.

Over the next 6-12 months following treatment, your Certified ARISE® Interventionist will continue working with you and your family and/or other treating professionals to determine the appropriate next steps for the next phase of recovery. In conjunction with a Certified ARISE® Interventionist, rehabilitation experts, and the support of family members, it IS possible to overcome a gaming addiction.