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The ARISE® Difference

ARISE® Network / The ARISE® Difference

Why We Are Different

A thoroughly researched mind-body-spirit approach to improving quality of life, achieving goals and overcoming challenges.

  • ARISE® is a process, not an event, continuing until individual and family are healthy and in recovery
  • The client is both individual and family
  • Focus is on cost effectiveness
  • The more the family does: the less the interventionist does, the better the results
  • ARISE® is invitational
  • ARISE® is non-confrontational and relies on the inherent resilience and effectiveness of the family and support network
  • ARISE® reframes the family perspective from pathology to health
  • Serves individuals and families challenged by mental health issues, dual diagnosis, substance use disorder, behavioral compulsions (sex, Internet, gaming, gambling, spending, eating disorders, debting, hoarding)

We are passionate about:

  • Empowering individuals, families and communities to access their resilience to address the spectrum of challenges: From overcoming crisis to achieving goals.
  • Collaborative care
  • Invitational Intervention®
  • Empowering organizational systems to function with healthy communication and clear goals
  • Creating a healing ecosystem around each individual and family
  • Promoting our ARISE® model for training and education
  • Empowering clinicians, interventionists, recovery coaches, sober companions, transporters, treatment centers and others serving individuals, families and communities and organizations in need with the tools, resources and inspiration to develop clear communication, strong relationships, life skills and goal achievement for long-term health
  • Providing high-quality service, training and education

We Believe

  • Families are intrinsically healthy and competent
  • People and environments are constantly in transition
  • Individuals, families and communities will find & utilize competence
  • Competence is unavailable when individuals & families are cut off from their extended families and natural support systems
  • To access competence, enlarge & mobilize the natural support system
  • Eliminate the we-they dichotomy and maintain connection to family and culture of origin
  • Connectedness to family and culture of origin is protective against risk-taking behavior
  • Trauma affects all members of the family and community who, in turn, affect each other
  • Loyalty, intergenerational dynamics and protectiveness make families more “powerful” than treatment agents to effect change
  • Families are capable of doing much of the psychosocial and spiritual work needed, given a balance of agency and communion
  • A flexible approach to intervention allows family, friends and support systems to motivate change
  • Emphasis on support and caring allows networks to remain part of any treatment or intervention system to facilitate entry into treatment, treatment and aftercare
  • If psychological or psychiatric treatment is needed then, whenever possible, outpatient intervention is preferred to allow family, friends and community to remain intact and to collaborate with the treatment system

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