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The ARISE® Network Difference

As the ARISE® Network continues to set the standards for professionalism, best practices and the advancement of Evidence-Based, Best Practice protocols, we are here to help our constituencies – families/individuals, organizations and agencies, trainees, trainers and other professionals – learn how to identify, ascribe and adhere to those high standards of excellence.

Our Promise to ARISE® Trainees:

  • We live with integrity in all we do and to all whom we serve. Integrity and credibility are the cornerstones of our methodology, approach and value system.
  • Approach clients, the community and our industry with confidence. We are confident in our protocol (evidence-based and tested) and the value of the ARISE Invitational Intervention® approach.
  • We seek to shift the philosophical and spiritual foundations of our clients and colleagues by focusing on resilience. We will  internalize the power of the human spirit and community to overcome crisis and adversity.
  • We live our work with passion, humility and authenticity.
  • ARISE® trainers are best-in-class and use an approach that stands the test of time. The proof is in our healthy families, who can sustain this healthy and empowered way of life.
  • Stay focused on the legacy of our founder, Dr. Judith Landau, who believes that humans are inherently resilient and can overcome crisis and achieve goals with guidance, love and spiritual healing.