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Facility or Service Training

Integrating ARISE® Philosophy, Theory, and Principles, into Facility or Service

This facility or service training focuses on the core ARISE® principles and philosophy of long-term, intergenerational, individual and family recovery and healing. A primary goal is to change the paradigm of addiction and mental illness, providing a new language that changes the perspective on the condition and the view of the role and relevance of families. The focus is tailored specifically to addiction, dual-diagnosis, mental illness, process addictions, and/or collaborative care, depending on your organization’s needs.

Goals and Objectives of Facility or Service Training

All staff will understand and be able to implement according to their specific job description how to:Facility Wide Training

  • Overcome barriers, increase intake and occupancy rates, improve treatment and staff retention, and long-term outcome for individuals and families
  • Understand the importance of involving families
  • Recognize the role of trauma, loss, and unresolved grief
  • Realize the benefit of an invitational and non-secretive process
  • Understand the importance of collaborating with natural support system and other professionals
  • Empower families by reinstating and affirming their collective strength, resilience and hope
  • Protect and enhance family relationships
  • Mobilize families and Improve family relationships at all levels
  • Draw upon members of the extended family and natural support system to become a network committed to serving as change agents
  • Become competent at motivating clients and their families to engage in and complete treatment, whether starting the process from a first call with a concerned family member, or through secondary intervention, during treatment, at discharge, or during aftercare.
  • Learn to overcome resistance and collaborate with family, support system, interventionists, recovery specialists, and outside professionals

The organization’s entire staff (or representative segments) is included in various components of the training. The individualized training program is developed with key members of the organization in collaboration with a Senior ARISE® Trainer.

Become an ARISE® Certified Facility or Service:

Facility or service consultation and training is one way to start the process of becoming an ARISE® Certified Facility or Service. Download our Consulting Deck for more information.