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National Recovery Month


September marks the 32nd annual National Recovery Month. A time for us to acknowledge and celebrate the gains we’ve made in recovery, just as we celebrate the gains made by those managing other health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, mental health issues, etc.

The Recovery Research Institute conducted a five-year study that explored “the ways in which substance use disorder impacted families, communities, and cultures, and how recovery in those spaces created opportunities to rebuild. The study affirmed that people in distressed communities need opportunities to share their experiences, therefore, personal recovery can translate into collaborative recovery when the individual begins to see their story as part of a larger story. The shift from “I” to “we” is transformative.

The theme for its 32nd year is “Recovery Is for Everyone. Every Person. Every Family. Every Community.” After the past year and a half, there couldn’t be a better time to remind everyone that recovery isn’t a solo journey for one individual. We are stronger together, and we are in this together.

At ARISE®, our Evidence-Based, Best Practice model, proves that working through families and communities is powerful. It breaks barriers that professionals can’t. It shows the family and community that they possess the resources to recover. They just need to learn how to use them.

There was that popular saying during the pandemic that stated, “we’re all in the same storm, but we’re not all in the same boat”. This is true for recovery too, isn’t it? We’re not all coming from the same place or circumstances. That’s why it’s important to remember that the family and community are the experts.

For those who choose to learn the ARISE® method and become Certified ARISE® Interventionists, they know that their job is to be a facilitator. Their job is to listen and give every family member the breathing room to speak without blame or judgment. As one of our CAI’s, Ernest Hart, II stated, “when families allow themselves to become vulnerable, that’s where the magic happens”. ARISE® CAIs help them get there. They help them learn how to access the tools so they’re not only able to survive the current circumstances but move into the future full of hope and the ability to handle future complications and struggles.

So, for this month and beyond, we are dedicated to meeting people and communities where they’re at and give them the tools needed to access their resilience. Anyone in the recovery community knows that we care for each other and lift each other up because there was someone before us who did the same for us.


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