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Ernest George Hart II, CRS, RS, BS Psychology, CAI

Position: CAI


Ernest is a licensed and ordained Minister. Ernest has worked directly with those suffering from substance abuse disorder, mental health disorders, and criminal behavior therapeutically for 12 years. He has specific education in co-occurring disorders and treatment modalities along with criminogenic factors that are areas of risk. Ernest has been privy to numerous trainings in Motivational Interviewing, which is a tool to help families overcome ambivalence to change.

Ernest understands the pressure of confrontation with loved ones that have lost their way, parents that have lost their way, and family history that has been a challenge to overcome. He also deeply and personally understands the value of what can come out of such a courageous act to change. He has lived experience in both being the child that has lost their way and the spouse that suffered from the response he had to his spouse being in active addiction. Ernest also sees how strengthening the family unit has exponential results for wellness to all involved. He is trained in de-escalation techniques and works well in emotionally-charged situations. He has a special intuitive skillset to work with those gravely challenged by untreated mental health. Ernest wants to aid in rediscovering the strength of your family system.

IRI Recovery Specialist | Certified ARISE® Interventionist | Level of Service/Case Management Inventory Trainer (LS/CMI) | Director of Services

Willing to work virtually: Yes

Travel: Yes, Internationally

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