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Safe Passage

ARISE® Network / Safe Passage

Safe Passage

The ARISE® Network Service Safe Passage includes compassionate but firm handling of transitions and transportation between home, detox, treatment center, hospital, place of employment, courtroom, jail, the street, drug house, or other location.

Safe Passage

Regardless of the Safe Passage needs, our International Recovery Institute Certified Recovery Specialists (IRI CRS) are extremely well trained to deal with any crisis that might occur. Your IRI CRS is competent to handle any of the challenges of modern day travel and will understand your loved one’s specific concerns, vulnerabilities, and preferences.

We work with you and other involved professionals in an effective team. The IRI CRS team will use their expertise and experience and be strongly guided by you and others who know your Person of Concern (PoC) best. The ARISE® Safe Passage process is designed to help families and their Person of Concern (PoC) achieve long-term healing and recovery from serious, progressive, relapsing, chronic and/or life-threatening mental and/or physical health issues, including trauma and addiction.

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