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Logistics & Recertification

Time-frames and Costs:

To best accommodate your organization’s time-frame and budget, all of our training’s are modular in format, implementable as an intensive or in a series over time. Please note that the time-frame indicated for each module is a total duration–some modules can be broken down into smaller segments and taught across a longer period of time to aid in their ease of accessibility and implementation.

Time-frames are average and may be adjusted according to your organization’s needs.

Preliminary Consultation/Needs Assessment:

We find it most effective to start the process with an onsite, preliminary consultation with your administrative, clinical, frontline, and marketing staffs to discuss and assess your organization’s culture, current programming, strengths, and needs, so as to design the ideal, customized training and consultation package or your facility. If an onsite visit is not practical, the assessment can be conducted via conference call and/or videoconferencing.


The design of the onsite consultation/training is specific to each facility or program. ARISE® Consultants in collaboration with facility executives, and when appropriate, principals, determine the details of the program.  Training methods include didactics, interactive discussion, clinical case examples, role-play, videos, and experiential exercises.

Post Consultation Review and Certification:

The executives and consultants meet approximately 10 – 16 weeks after the consultation/training to review the process and determine readiness for ARISE® Certification. Once ARISE® Certification is received it must be renewed every 3 years.

Maintaining ARISE® Certification:

  • Have updated training to improve and maintain goals and objectives
  • Maintain a standard of excellence in both quality of care and comprehensive care for clients and families
  • Maintain on-going data related to goals and objectives
  • Maintain regular communication with ARISE® Facility Coordinator
  • Uphold the principles and ethics of the ARISE® philosophy

Benefits of ARISE® Certification:

  • Presence on the website under ARISE® Certified Programs
  • Use ARISE® Certified Program logo
  • 10% discount on participation in trainings
  • 10% discount on sponsorship


Final pricing is based on the consultation and training package you choose and our availability. Some modules may require additional faculty.

Expenses, including travel, lodging, and materials, are dependent on the number of faculty required.

For specific details and pricing please contact our Training office at:

Phone: (303) 834-5194
Email: training@arise-network.com