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Introduction to Genograms


A genogram is a multi-generational diagram of a person’s family and social network. It provides a universal graphic language that allows families and professionals working with families to communicate. You will gain the knowledge of both timeline importance and cultural importance when dealing with a family. Genograms are a tool you can use to help your clients reduce shame, blame, and guilt by seeing and understanding how the problems started and move forward with hope. Learn how to identify family patterns, family scripts and transitions.

Where and When: This class is all online and can be done in your own time. It’s a mixture of watching videos, reading papers, drawing genograms and completing quizzes.

Time Commitment: Allow 4 hours to complete this class

This fulfills a CAI’s annual Continuing Education (CE) requirement.

Ideal for: Anyone who is new to genograms or is feeling rusty and wants to polish their skills

$39.95, includes 4 CEs