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Family Connection, Mental Health & Recovery

Life changes

All individuals and families go through transitions or life changes. Some are normal growing up changes, some are more jarring. Transitions include changing schools, divorce, the death of a loved one, moving, a new job. During this current pandemic, families have been going through many changes at one time (losing jobs, getting sick, relationships being tested).

When three or more of these changes occur within a short period of time, family members may become symptomatic. Every life change requires multiple tasks and when there’s an imbalance between the number of tasks and available resources, this adds stress to the individual and family. (Landau, 1982) If this pattern continues, family relationships are disrupted until the problems are resolved. When the stressor is a traumatic event, the result is more likely to be systemic and appear across generations. 

Power of Connection

Enter connection.

Connectedness is interpreted as a reward by the brain and is associated with the release of dopamine. Conversely, brain imaging studies suggest that the same parts of the brain are activated during social rejection and physical pain. (Ethan Kross, University of Michigan) That’s why it’s important to enhance positive connectedness.  At ARISE we draw on the family’s inherent resilience rather than labeling behavior and communication patterns as dysfunctional, which leads to continued vulnerability and risk-taking, rather than increased self-esteem, competence, and self-efficacy.

We teach families to say goodbye to the shame, blame, and guilt that’s been plaguing them for generations. At ARISE we don’t just specialize in intervention, we specialize in family connection. We don’t work with just one person. We work with the whole family. We believe in whole family healing. Everyone needs to be heard and honored and given the tools to heal and strengthen their family unit (whether it’s biological or chosen).

Healing is a whole family affair

Everyone is capable of healing. What happens so much of the time is people think that once they get help for the person that’s struggling that their job is done. That’s not the case. Real healing is when the whole family network acknowledges that they all have work to do. 

Comprehensive Care

Bring in ARISE Comprehensive Care. If you peruse our website or read any of our publications, you’ll find it come up a lot. It’s one of our favorite things to talk about!  But what the heck is it?

Comprehensive Care is where long-term healing and resilience come together. This is where families learn the tools to uncover their strengths and change their whole family system for generations to come. Sounds pretty great, huh? That’s why we love it so much. 

As you may or may not know, Comprehensive Care works with substance abuse disorder, mental health issues, dual diagnosis, behavioral compulsions. This list goes on. ARISE is successful in all of these areas because ARISE is about connection

With ARISE Comprehensive Care we work with families for a minimum of six months. This allows time for families to learn and practice the tools necessary to access their resilience and handle future struggles that come their way.

Learn more

If you are interested in learning more about Comprehensive Care feel free to call or email us or check out our website, including our publication section. It is our goal to help as many families as we possibly can to reclaim their strength and set up success for their future generations.


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