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Sammy Jenkins, PRSS, CAI

Position: CAI


Sammy Jenkins is a small business owner at Thrive Recovery & Wellness who began his journey in addiction at the age of 13. While he started his path in recovery at the age of 20, the following 10 years were riddled with trial and error, success, and failure. This experience is now used to help others who struggle with the same problems he once struggled with.

Sammy obtained his Bachelor of Science in Marketing and International Business at LSU in Shreveport. He then moved to Dallas, TX to begin his career in Marketing. There he started to create a career worth pursuing before making the conscious decision to drop everything he had been working on for the past 6-7 years of his life to follow his passion of helping others who suffer from the same disease as himself.

After gaining over 4 years of experience working with some of the most complex cases, Sammy started Thrive Recovery & Wellness where the focus is not only establishing and maintaining sobriety but thriving in recovery. To help his clients/partners in recovery attain success and fulfillment, he focuses on physical, mental, and spiritual health along with the added component of career development.

Sammy is a Nationally Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (PRSS) through the Texas Certification Board of Addiction Professionals, an ARISE® CAI, an active member of NAADAC, and serves on the Peer Advisory Board at Twelfth Step Ministry in Dallas, TX.

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