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Rachel Borkon, CAI

Position: CAI


Rachel Borkon has been on the front lines of working with mental health and addicted individuals and their families for more than twenty years. For the past twenty years she has been on the recovering side. Rachel majored in Psychology at Rutgers University. She then entered into the addiction field as a behavioral health technician and while helping individuals navigate the early path in recovery, she was also appointed as a group facilitator. Then as a result of working in the field, Rachel was introduced to doing interventions which she immediately felt was a perfect fit and what she felt might be her calling. She came to realize later on that doing this work was not only a calling but her life’s purpose.
Rachel is trained and certified in the ARISE® model of intervention. She was fortunate that in her training, she was under the teaching, guidance and supervision of Dr. Judith Landau, the co-founder of ARISE®.
Rachel is fearless in her approach to helping others and has a way to be able to connect with the most severely troubled that many are not able to.  Rachel believes that all of her years as a former addict, coupled with a heightened instinctual sensitivity to others, prepared her for this role. Some people have a gift to be able to reach those who others have dismissed as too far gone… Rachel is one of those people. She is able to be the interruption necessary to the addicted individual as well as be the added support for the entire family.


Willing to work virtually: Yes

Travel: Yes, Internationally

Sliding fee scale: Negotiable pending circumstances

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