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Rachel Borkon, CAI

Position: CAI


For more than twenty years, Rachel Borkon has been on the front lines working directly with individuals and their families who struggle with mental health and substance abuse issues. Rachel majored in psychology at Rutgers University. She spearheaded the addiction field as a behavioral health technician by assisting clients to navigate the early path of recovery. She was appointed as a group facilitator which inspired her continued growth to eventually conduct interventions , assist families through case management , and become a mental health and SUD coach. She later expanded her skills with consulting and executive coaching.

Rachel is trained and certified in the ARISE® model of intervention. She was trained under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Judith Landau. the co-founder of ARISE®.

Rachel is fearless in her approach to helping others, especially the most challenging of cases. Rachel has a heightened instinctual sensitivity to others which has assisted in preparing her for this role. Rachel has an uncanny ability to connect with the most vulnerable of populations. She is able to be the interruption necessary to the individual as well as be the added support for the entire family .

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