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Jack Bloomfield, CAI

Position: CAI


Jack Bloomfield brings more than 40 years of continuous sobriety and recovery to his skills as an interventionist. In addition, he has worked in the field of addiction and behavioral health serving as a clinical outreach director and coordinator for such well known programs as Caron, The Hanley Center, The Refuge and Delray Recovery Center. During his time in clinical outreach, it offered him the opportunity to get to visit many of the top treatment programs in the country and learn firsthand which facilities he would send his own family members to based on their clinical staff and ethical approaches to treatment. Jack’s work included his personal involvement with families in educating them about addiction and helping them to understand when intervention was needed. In addition, he helped guide them through the process of choosing a treatment center if necessary as well as how best to get the family on board.

As an interventionist, Jack is certified (CAI) in the ARISE® model which focuses not only on helping the alcoholic or addict to find recovery but includes the whole family as well. Rather than being a one and done event, the ARISE® model is a minimum six month continuing care process where the immediate family and close loved ones, along with the alcoholic or addict, engage on a path of recovery together.

“I have walked in the shoes of those in active addiction and co-occurring disorders so I know firsthand, the pain, loneliness and sense of desperation that many alcoholics and addicts are experiencing. I also know how active addiction tears apart relationships in families and most importantly, with those who we love the most.

What gives me the greatest sense of accomplishment is being able to help guide an individual and their family into the light of healing, recovery and new beginnings. Those who reach out to us for help are lost, broken and often times at deaths door but we have seen so many who believed that they were hopeless, recover and experience for themselves, the miracle of recovery.”

Jack is married and is the father of two adult children. He is originally from Westchester County, New York and has been living in Florida since 1994.

In addition to his CAI certification, Jack is a member of the Network of Independent Interventionists (NII).

He is available to work virtually on Comprehensive Care cases only.

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