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Bobbie Horne, CAI

Position: CAI


Bobbie Horne is an Interventionist.  As an interventionist she is an expert at navigating the isolation that addiction and unhealthy lifestyles foster.  Bobbie supports families and family members who are working to escape substance abuse, alcohol and/or drug addiction as well as other compulsions which can ruin and end lives. She is able to bring her vast experience and expertise to what can often be a very frightening situation and allow the family to experience a shred of hope for possibly the very first time.  Her services include collaboratively working with the addicted individual as an advocate, making plans for treatment, setting expectations, explaining the process from beginning to end in a loving and supportive way for a solution and navigating the recovery process to ensure an extremely positive recovery process.

As a woman in long term recovery, Bobbie is passionate about connecting to life and forming relationships with others who wish to live in sobriety. She is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge with others who may be struggling with life skills, family relationships, or social interaction. Just making the call to Bobbie you will immediately hear her authenticity and warmth she exudes on the phone.  Bobbie is the real deal.

A lifetime of experience as a successful business owner, mother, and teacher, has prepared Bobbie to be versatile, adaptable, and capable in complex interpersonal situations.  She thinks quickly on her feet and is open to new opportunities and perspectives when working with others.  She is compassionate and empathetic, which allows her to be supportive and understanding of others.  She has a special capacity for making other people feel safe and comfortable, helping them to connect to meaningful experiences with family, friends, and community.  She is a kind person with a warm sense of humor.

The reason I have devoted my life and career to recovery and helping others in recovery is because of the joy and hopefulness that has come into my own life.  I want others to have the opportunity for these same experiences.”


Willing to work virtually: Yes

Travel: Yes, Internationally

Sliding fee scale: Yes

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