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Adam Banks, MBA, ATP, CIP, CAI

Position: CAI


Adam Banks began his professional life as an airline pilot; growing up in a small town in rural Wisconsin, becoming an airline pilot was a way to literally fly away from his rural hometown.

Adam has been in recovery for over 12 years, entering in recovery in his early 30s, after a bruising few years of addiction that was perfected in New York City.

“I was flying on the morning of 9-11, looking back that was a very traumatic event in my life, after 9-11 I wasn’t flying and moved to NYC, my path after that move was that of many that move to New York – 28 year old hits the city from a small town, and the City chewed me up – fast.”, relates Adam.

After getting sober, Adam received an MBA from the University of Chicago and began a successful career in healthcare, starting a sport medicine company and growing it in a large multi-clinic practice that was sold to United Healthcare.

Today Adam focuses on working with families and individuals that are in the early struggle of recovery.  Adam’s company, Suntra Modern Recovery, is a concierge drug and alcohol rehabilitation service based in New York City.  Suntra serves as an “addiction rapid response team” for individuals and families, providing recovery services on a personal level "in the field", at clients’ homes and places of work.

Adam approaches his work in addiction from a place of compassion and deep understanding; utilizing the ARISE model of interventions; Adam focuses on a loving approach to supporting and changing the dynamics of addiction in a family.

Adam is a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP), holds an MBA from the University of Chicago as well as the FAA’s highest license, the ATP.

Willing to work virtually: Yes

Travel: Yes, Internationally

Sliding fee scale: Yes

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