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Testimonials from ARISE® Training

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“This was an amazing perspective on how [intervention] can be nurturing.”


“While being a CAI has given me the skills to effectively work with people struggling with everything from trauma to emerging process addictions, it’s the support of the ARISE® Network of professionals that arms me with the confidence and tools to handle any situation. No other certification provides the ongoing support that the ARISE® team does.”


“Becoming a Certified ARISE® Interventionist has added a dimension to my private practice that patients and their families are drawn to and regularly recognize when referring.”


“The ARISE® invitational format is by far the most effective intervention format for getting my clients into treatment and more importantly, keeping them there.”


“As the intake coordinator for multiple treatment facilities around the country, I can say with confidence that working with Certified ARISE® Interventionists is always our preference. The ARISE® Continuum of Care is unrivaled in the industry and by far the most effective mode of relapse prevention.”


“As a treatment provider, we dramatically reduced our AMA rate and improved the overall patient experience by having our staff certified in ARISE®.”


“When colleagues learn that I am a CAI, they know immediately that my ethics and integrity will never come into question. When you are certified in ARISE®, facilities and families know that your commitment is to finding the most appropriate and effective treatment for the patient, period.”