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Solid Landings ARISE® Fellows

Hernan Barenboim

Hernan was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina to parents both in the mental health field. He received both his undergrad and masters degrees in psychology in Buenos Aires, originally with a psychodynamic focus before becoming involved with “10,000 Lideres Para El Cambio” wherein he began to see the importance of family work. Hernan has worked with institutions such as “Programa Andres” and “Sedronar” in the substance abuse recovery field and he has been very active in the LBGT community in Argentina as an advocate. Once Hernan moved to the United States he began to work with first generation Hispanic families. Hernan aims to base his practice in a model of resilience, he wants to show people how to base life on what “we have” rather than on “what lacks”.

Liz Dixon

Liz was born in Chicago, IL before her family moved to Albany GA in 1960, growing up in the deep south during a time of great social unrest and political activism. Liz attended the University of Gainesville, FL where she received a BS in Journalism/Advertising and Economics. She is active member of the National Alliance of Recovery Residences, the Georgia Association of Recovery Residences, and the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. Liz is the Executive Director of GraceWay Recovery Residence for Women in Albany, GA, a non-profit, faith-based, long-term addiction recovery community. Liz has worked at GraceWay for the last ten years, where she is committed to sharing her own experience, strength and hope in helping others through the recovery process.

Joyce Higgins

Joyce was born in Stoneham MA. Joyce is currently working on an 18 month Drug and Alcohol certificate program through Middlesex Community College. Joyce started the Billerica Project in her town, where kids are encourage to take a pledge against drugs and alcohol, given volunteer opportunities, and encouraged to be positive role models for younger kids. The Billerica Project aims to raise money to fund sober events for kids and teenagers that are not only fun but that the kids want to attend and provide scholarships for extracurricular activities to children who may not otherwise be able to afford them. The Billerica Project aims to provide services for children and families who may be struggling with addiction problems in their homes. Joyce started this project with her own funds, and brought it to non-profit status. Joyce’s goal is for as many children as possible to know that it is “cool” to take a stand against drugs and alcohol.

Parina Subba Limbu

Parina lives in works in the Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. She originally obtained her BA in Business Studies, however through her own path of recovery now works as a social worker and activist for women in Nepal. Parina has now been working in this field for 10 years. Parina operates a residential care program at Dristi, Nepal where she has now helped over 600 women. Her program provides, day care services, free drug and alcohol counseling, residential care, crisis center, a primary health clinic with a focus on STI and HIV testing and prevention, care and health services for women and children living with HIV, reintegration program and skills development programs. Her goal is to reduce the stigma and discrimination of women in society and to ensure their right to seek help in a country where services have until now been only provided to men.

Peter Rivera

Peter was born in Seattle, WA. He obtained his Masters from Seattle Pacific University and is currently pursuing his doctoral degree at Florida State University. Peter’s work as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist aims to inform, empower and address and support underserved families. Peter utilizes multi-generational genograms to explore intergenerational patterns of strength and behaviors. Peter has worked in a variety of roles, providing marriage and family therapy, parent coaching, couples therapy and teaching classes on a variety of subjects ranging from intensive chemical dependency education to interactive parenting education. Peter’s work very closely explores the intergenerational transmission of trauma and addiction. Peter’s goal is the development of support systems for underserved families prior to the end of treatment.

Jeni Wahlig

Jeni is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, specializing in relationship therapy. She received her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, and is currently pursuing her PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy at Antioch University New England. Jeni has been practicing in the field for over 5 years. She currently works as the family therapist at a residential substance abuse treatment center for adolescents, and is also in private practice part-time. Her clinical passions are couples therapy, therapeutic work with the queer (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community, and family recovery from addiction. Her overall practice is grounded in the firm belief that people are inherently drawn toward greater resonance in their life and their relationships, and that we all have the internal ability to grow, change, and heal.

Jamie West

Jamie was born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI. She received her BS from Central Michigan University where she majored in Psychology and Family Studies and then continued on to receive her MS in Human Development and Family Studies with a focus in Marriage and Family Therapy from Colorado State University. Jamie is now in her third year of her doctoral program at Virginia Tech. She has been working on a grant funded research project investigating the outcomes of high-risk adolescents with histories of substance abuse and involvement in the juvenile justice system. She will be presenting a workshop on incorporating prevention in intervention and treatment at the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy Annual Conference. Jamie continues to work on publications that focus on substance abuse prevention and intervention and barriers to treatment.