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ARISE® Network / Recertification



Annual Requirements:

  • Attest to completing 3 continuing education hours every year. Approved educational topics for these CEs include: ethics, addiction, continuing care/case management, intervention, family systems and/or life threatening illness, PTSD, trauma, resilience, and topics related to your growth and development as an interventionist. This will be subject to random verification.
  • Maintain professional liability insurance while working as a CAI. This will be subject to random verification.
  • Maintain the ethical standards of ARISE® Intervention Network and the highest credential or professional organization of which you are a member.
  • Maintain licensure and/or membership in a professional organization with a governing body of ethics, e.g. discipline or AIS, NII. (If you are practicing ARISE® within an ARISE® Certified Facility, this requirement is waived.)
  • Make an annual recertification payment. You will be invoiced in the fall of every year in order to keep your certification current for the following year.

Requirements Every Three Years:

  • Of the 9 relevant continuing education hours required over the course of three years, CAIs must attest to completing 3 hours related to ethics
  • Take an approved ARISE® refresher course

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Benefits of ARISE® Certification

In return for being in good standing as a Certified ARISE® Interventionist you will receive:

  • Use of the ARISE® logo on approved marketing materials (including but not limited to business cards, websites, newsletters, etc.)
  • Use of the ARISE® business card template with logo
  • Use of CAI designation on credential notations
  • Eligibility to receive referrals through the ARISE® Network Service Line
  • Use of the ARISE® Community Presentation power point upon request
  • Discounts on ARISE® books and pocket guides
  • Discounted tuition for workshops, seminars and advanced training (including a discount on the Three-Day Continuing Care with Intervention Workshops taken as a refresher)
  • Discount on International Recovery Institute Recovery Specialist training and workshops
  • Active standing on the international CAI Listserv (email discussion group)
  • Eligibility to receive an invitation to join the ARISE® Network as an independent contractor with referrals based on your location, expertise, specialty and ability to travel.