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ARISE® Network / Prerequisites


PART I: Educational Intensive Prerequisites: none

There are no education prerequisites for participation in CAI Training Part I: Educational Intensive. The training is open to any and all who are interested in learning how to work with addicted individuals and their families using an Evidence-Based, Best Practice method.

PART II: ARISE® Trained:

  • Successful completion of Part I: Educational Intensive
  • Complete 2 Online Courses
  • Complete 12 Hour ARISE® Practicum in the application of ARISE® philosophy, principals and practice. (Offered in two weekend formats: 1. Two 6 hour sessions 2. Four 3 hour sessions)

Part III: Becoming a Certified ARISE® Interventionist

  • Successful completion of Part 1: Educational Intensive
  • Proof of professional liability/malpractice insurance
  • Successful completion of 2 Online Courses
  • Recommended but not mandatory successful completion of ARISE® Practicum
  • Weekly participation in ARISE® Supervision to the satisfaction of the Certified ARISE® Supervisor