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Cumberland Heights Facility Wide Training

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Cumberland Heights Facility Wide Training

This past week Dr. Judith Landau and Senior ARISE® Trainer James Ott brought a facility wide training to Cumberland Heights! Cumberland Heights trained their entire staff in the ARISE® philosophy, principles and model in order to become a Certified ARISE® Facility! This training involved a huge shift in focus from pathology to resilience, recognizing the key roles that families play, and working towards whole family healing.

The effects of facility wide training can be seen on not only the facility level, but on the staff and patient levels as well. Facility wide trainings are an amazing way to improve patient retention, significantly reduce your AMA rates, improve your long-term outcomes, and create a patient referral community.

When you train your whole staff in the ARISE® methods we will raise ethical awareness, create staff support systems, improve your staff retention rates and reduce burnout. When your staff and patients are seeing the improvements that an ARISE® training can bring, your overall facility performance increases, you will attract more referrals and improve your cost effectiveness!

Training an entire staff, over a three day period is an intensive process, and it was a pleasure and an honor to spend last week with Cumberland Heights!


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