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Liability/Malpractice Insurance

ARISE® Network / Liability/Malpractice Insurance

Liability/Malpractice Insurance

Prior to participating in ARISE® Supervision all ARISE® Interns must provide evidence of professional liability/malpractice insurance.

Because the Intervention field is in the process of professionalizing, most insurance companies do not yet provide liability/malpractice insurance to Interventionists. Despite this, in anticipation of the standardization and professionalization of Intervention field and in accordance with the requirements of other physical and mental health professions, we do require our ARISE® Interns to be covered by professional liability/malpractice insurance during their ARISE® Supervision.

Already insured through another professional license or credential?

If you are already insured through another profession, you will not need to do anything other than submit a copy of your certificate of insurance verifying your existing coverage. It is strongly recommended that you talk with your current insurance carrier about adding coverage for interventions on under your current plan.

Not yet insured?

If you don’t already have professional liability insurance coverage, and you do not hold any other credentials, you can apply for a student insurance policy to cover you during supervision. Unfortunately, because intervention is not yet recognized as a profession, many insurance companies do not provide insurance for interventionists-in-training. Currently the only company that we have found that provides insurance for non-licensed professionals performing ARISE® services is: The Van Wagner Group.

Ethical Standards

Prior to participation in supervision, interns must provide proof of license OR membership to an organization with a governing body of ethics.

If you are not a clinician, you may apply to be a member of the Association of Intervention Specialists. All of our interns will meet the requirements for “Candidate Membership”.

Organizations we recommend are:
AIS – Association for Intervention Specialists
NII – Network of Independent Interventionists