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Impaired Professional Intervention

ARISE® Network / Impaired Professional Intervention

Impaired Professional Intervention

impaired professional interventionImpaired Physicians, Nurses and other Health Care Providers as well as Attorneys and other professionals are examples of the types of Impaired Professionals best served by the ARISE® Network. An Intervention of this sort calls for a highly qualified interventionist – one who is able not only to influence the addicted individual to get help with their addiction through treatment, but one who will also work with you and your colleagues to support recovery as they return to the workplace. The ARISE® Continuum of Care will continue for a full six months after entering treatment. Our specialized Certified ARISE® Interventionists are highly professional and exercise absolute confidentiality.

Confidentiality is assured in all interventions, but it is especially important when dealing with impaired healthcare professionals. Our highly specialized interventionists are experienced in providing intervention services for doctors and other professionals. We also have extensive experience in working with diversion and monitoring programs and assisting our impaired physicians in working with their attorneys and counselors to ensure the best possible outcomes and return to practice.

Attorney interventionProfessionals dealing with alcohol or drug issues, or process addictions, are typically highly successful, intelligent, and independent, and most comfortable in a leadership role. These characteristics provide challenges for them, their families and their colleagues when it comes to bringing about change. The self-destructive patterns that have developed over time are potentially disastrous for them, their families, and their careers. We collaborate with whoever is needed and act as the ombudsman and advocate for the individual and the family until the individual has returned to active engagement in his/her profession and the family is healthy and happy as well.

The ARISE® objective is to provide coaching and guidance that minimizes the destruction and allows the individual and family to pursue their goals with support and success.

The ARISE® Intervention and Continuing Care process is flexible, modular, and can be tailored to fit the culture of your personal needs and timetable. If your addicted professional has already completed treatment and you are still worried about his or her effectiveness and sobriety, ARISE® can be initiated at that time. ARISE® gets over 83% of addicted individuals into treatment within 3 weeks and 96% in 6 months, with 61% sober by the end of the first year.

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