Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Certified ARISE® Interventionist (CAI)?

The Certified ARISE Interventionist training consists of two parts:

  • Part I: Educational Intensive (see Course Schedule)
  • Part II: Clinical Supervision

Completion of CAI Training Parts I and II are required for ARISE Certification.

What is CAI Training Part I: Educational Intensive?

CAI Training Part I: Educational Intensive is a 3-day onsite, experiential workshop which covers the ARISE philosophy, research and process (ARISE® Three-Day Intervention and Continuing Care Workshop). Part I is approved by NAADAC for 21 Continuing Education Hours and meets the educational criteria for Board Registration through the Association of Intervention Specialists Credentialing Board (AISCB). The 3-day Part I workshops are typically offered 4 times a year throughout the US.

What is CAI Training Part II: ARISE® Supervision?

During Part II: ARISE® Supervision, the theory and process introduced in Part I is put to the test and honed as CAI candidates practice the ARISE® Intervention for the first time under the guidance of an experienced supervisor. ARISE® Supervision is essential for implementing the ARISE® Intervention tools sufficiently so as to replicate the high rates of success that makes ARISE® an Evidence-Based, Best Practice intervention.

ARISE® Supervision is conducted over the phone with an approved ARISE® Supervisor following completion of Part I. Each CAI candidate is responsible for generating his/her own intervention clients. We offer ARISE® Supervision in two formats: group and individual supervision.

What is the difference between group and individual supervision?

Group supervision is conducted hourly each week via conference call for the 12 months following Part I (48 hours total). Certification is awarded upon completion of 2 interventions (completion of two interventions means having brought two interventions through the ARISE® process, well into Continuing Care, to the satisfaction of your ARISE® Supervisor). Each ARISE® Intervention Intern is responsible for generating his/her own intervention clients during group supervision. We strongly encourage participation in group supervision and as such, the cost of 12 months of weekly group supervision are included in the training registration fees.

Individual supervision is conducted over the phone with an approved ARISE® Supervisor and is scheduled only as needed when the ARISE® Intervention Intern begins the ARISE® process with a potential client. Certification is awarded upon completion of 2 interventions, which typically concludes after a total of 2 to 4 hours of consultation with the ARISE® Supervisor (on average). The cost of individual supervision is not included in the training registration fees. Sessions are billed in 10 to 15-minute increments at a rate of $250/hour (purchased in 1 hour blocks). Logistics and scheduling of individual supervision are coordinated by the ARISE® administrative team.

Are there any requirements or prerequisites for becoming a CAI?

CAI Training Part I: Educational Intensive
There are no prerequisites for participating in Part I. Part I is open to anyone interested in becoming proficient in helping individuals and families struggling with addiction, regardless of professional background.

CAI Training Part II: ARISE® Supervision
Completion of Part I: Educational Intensive is prerequisite to Part II: ARISE® Supervision. Prior to the start of Part II, each ARISE® Intervention Intern will need to provide proof of professional liability insurance. Those ARISE® Intervention Interns who are already insured through another profession can submit a certificate of insurance verifying the existing coverage. Those who are not already insured, will need to obtain professional insurance prior to participation.

How can I get professional liability/malpractice insurance?

If you do not already have professional liability insurance coverage, you can obtain student insurance during your supervision. Unfortunately, with the exception of the state of Pennsylvania, intervention is not yet recognized as a profession and as such, insurance companies do not provide insurance for interventionists-in-training. In order to obtain student coverage, you will need to enroll in coursework (online is fine) towards another profession. Many of our trainees have acquired insurance with great ease at There are no requirements for what type of coursework you enroll in and you are not obligated to continue your coverage beyond your participation in supervision, although both are certainly encouraged for your own professional benefit.

Does the CAI Training qualify for Continuing Education Credits?

NAADAC has approved the ARISE® Three-Day Intervention and Continuing Care Workshop for 28 Continuing Education Hours.

How much does ARISE® Certification cost?

The ARISE® Three-Day Intervention and Continuing Care Workshop is $2,450 and includes Part II: ARISE® Supervision. The cost of individual supervision, if requested, is an additional $250 per hour. An annual certification fee of $150 (waived during your first certification period) is due in October of each Calendar year. Maintaining certification also involves providing evidence of 3 Continuing Education Units every year. Costs of obtaining those CEUs varies and is not included in any prior ARISE® Fees.

What do the CAI Training registration fees include?

The CAI Training registration fees cover participation in and materials for Part I (ARISE® Three-Day Intervention and Continuing Care Workshop) and participation in Part II (group supervision). (Note: The cost of individual supervision is NOT included). During Part I, our host and co-sponsors cover some meals, typically light continental breakfasts and lunches, however, each training does vary so please review the course details for specific trainings for clarification. Travel and accommodations are not included with your registration fees.

Are scholarships available for the CAI Training?

We occasionally have limited funds available for partial scholarships to aid people in taking the training to become a CAI. If you are interested in being considered for partial aid should it become available, please download the Scholarship Request Form and follow the submission instructions.