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Chronic and Life-Threatening Illness Intervention

ARISE® Network / Chronic and Life-Threatening Illness Intervention

ARISE® Chronic and Life-Threatening Illness Intervention

A diagnosis of a chronic or life-threatening illness can be extremely challenging for both the person diagnosed with the illness and their family. A terminal, or life-long diagnosis may feel impossible to process on it’s own – coupled with the physical feeling of the illness, you and your loved one may be feeling an impossible weight. You may find a multitude of challenges aside from the actual diagnosis that may be causing roadblocks in your loved ones and your family’s life.

Those struggling with a chronic, relapsing, or life-threatening illness diagnosis may show signs of “existential distress” – they may be questioning the meaning of life, life after death, and various faith-related inquiries.

In some instances, palliative care may be necessary for those with chronic illnesses. For most, it can prove extremely challenging to make the decision to accept palliative or end-of-life care. Palliative care may work to extend life, whereas end-of-life care can aid a loved one and family acceptance.

Intervention Assistance

A diagnosis of a life-threatening illness or chronic illness may cause anxiety or depression in both the Person of Concern and members of the family. As a family member or friend you may notice your loved one exhibiting signs of stress, depression, and anxiety. Symptoms such as irritability, sweating, shortness of breath, restlessness, or an inability to sleep, are signs that a person may be struggling. Depression is another common symptom of a person in need of assistance accepting a chronic or a life-threatening illness. If your loved one is exhibiting signs of depression, they may be having recurring thoughts of suicide, over- or under-eating, or memory loss.

Some of the most challenging chronic illnesses are those where progressive deterioration of the body or brain change not only the individual impacted but the relationships across the entire family.

An ARISE® Chronic & Life-Threatening Illness Intervention can help restore hope, comfort, and productive communication to your family.

Helping Your Loved One

Through compassionate, inclusive intervention, our dedicated Certified ARISE® Interventionists will partner with your network of family and friends to assist you and your loved one to determine the best steps to get the help all of you need.

The ARISE® process is unique in that the process works over time to build a solid network of friends and family that will aid you and your Person of Concern to build a road to recovery with a wide-spread support group.

If your loved has been diagnosed with and is struggling to process a chronic or life-threatening illness, an ARISE® Chronic and Life-Threatening Illness Intervention can be an effective way to get your loved one and your family the help they need to move forward in an appropriate way.

After your first meeting, your Certified ARISE® Interventionist will help you select a course of care that best suits the needs of your loved one and your family. Over a minimum of the next six to twelve months following treatment, your Certified ARISE® Interventionist will continue working with you and your family, the treatment facility, and other treating professionals to determine the appropriate next steps for your family.. If needed, the contract can be extended as long as is it needed.

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