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ARISE® Training Overview

ARISE® Network / ARISE® Training Overview

ARISE® Training Overview

Provided by LINC Foundation, Inc.


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ARISE® 3-Day Workshop, Practicum, Supervision & Consultation

Part I: Education Intensive, ARISE® 3-Day Comprehensive Care with Intervention Workshop: no prerequisites

Can be taken:

Intervention Workshops

  • By experienced interventionists choosing to learn a new model
  • Therapists, clinicians, counselors, administrators as a general course with continuing educational credits
  • As the first step toward becoming ARISE® Trained or a Certified ARISE® Interventionist (CAI)

The 3-day, on site, experiential intensive ARISE® workshops are offered three times each year throughout the US by the ARISE® Network in collaboration with our sponsoring organizations.

The Part I curriculum provides:

1) Practice of learning ARISE® Continuing Care with Intervention

  • Learning to conduct the three levels of the ARISE® Intervention
  • Applying ARISE® Comprehensive Care / Case Management
  • Building a family genogram and recognizing family patterns
  • Mobilizing a family support network
  • Determining level of care
  • Understanding when an intervention is necessary
  • Collaborating with family, support network, professionals and treatment providers/facilities

2) A theoretical overview of:

  • The origins of addiction
  • The relationship of trauma and loss to addiction, behavioral health and mental health issues
  • The role of families in recovery from addiction and mental health challenges
  • An overview of the 3 intervention models accepted by PCB for CIP certification
  • ARISE® research and outcome data
  • An overview of neurobiology and addiction
  • Professional ethics

3) Training methodology

  • Hands-on skill building
  • Experiential exercises and role-plays
  • Video
  • Small- and large-group exercises
  • Interactive lectures
  • Homework

Participants are eligible for PCB-approved Continuing Education Hours.

Participants are welcome to take Part I as a workshop. However, participants are not considered or entitled to identify themselves as ARISE® Trained or ARISE® Certified until successful completion of Part II: ARISE® Practicum or Part III: ARISE® Supervision. Those who took the Part I workshop may choose to earn their ARISE® Trained or CAI status later. Because we are constantly updating the curriculum to stay current in the field, participants must start Part II or Part III within 2 years of completing Part I. After two years, participants will be required to retake Part I.

Prerequisites: None

Part II: Becoming ARISE® Trained


  • Complete Part I: 3-Day Education Intensive
  • Complete 12 Hour ARISE® Practicum in the application of ARISE® philosophy, principals and practice
  • Complete 2 Online Courses

12-Hour ARISE® Practicum:

  • Apply and practice the ARISE® method in a low-stakes environment.
  • Participants are placed in a small group that meets with an ARISE® Supervisor for a total of 12 hours via Zoom video conference.
  • Meetings are held on Saturdays in blocks of 3 – 6 hours. (Because of the compressed format of the ARISE® Practicum, we cannot make accommodations for participants to miss meetings.)
  • Over the course of the meetings, participants create, develop, and present a hypothetical case using the ARISE® method.
  • With the Supervisor’s approval that the participant successfully demonstrated knowledge and application of the ARISE® practice and paperwork, the participant will earn the designation of ARISE® Trained.

Part III: Becoming a Certified ARISE® Interventionist


  • Complete Part 1: 3-Day Educational Intensive
  • Submit proof of professional liability/malpractice insurance
  • Submit proof of holding clinical licensure/certification OR proof of membership to a professional organization with a governing body of ethics
  • Complete 2 Online Courses
  • Recommended (but not mandatory): complete Part II: ARISE® Practicum
  • Complete ARISE® Supervision (Individual or Group) to the satisfaction of the ARISE® Supervisor

ARISE® Group Supervision:

  • ARISE® Supervision allows participants (called “ARISE® Intervention Interns”) to practice and apply the ARISE® method on a live case under the guidance of an ARISE® Supervisor. ARISE® interns are responsible for generating their own intervention clients.
  • Once an intern has a live case, he/she will contact the ARISE® Coordinator and request to join a weekly Supervision group. Supervision groups are ongoing and run continuously – there is always a group for interns to join. (Interns who are unable to join a weekly group can also meet one-on-one with an ARISE® Supervisor through Individual Supervision, which is $250/hour).
  • Supervision groups meet weekly to discuss and present their cases via Zoom video conference.
  • With the Supervisor’s approval that the intern has successfully demonstrated knowledge of the method and brought the case well into Comprehensive Care, the intern will earn the designation of Certified ARISE® Interventionist.

ARISE® Consultation with ARISE® Trainer

  • ARISE® trainers are industry experts who have years of experience in the fields of addiction and mental health, dual diagnosis, and chronic and relapsing physical and mental health.
  • If you are a professional working with challenging individuals and families, our ARISE® trainers are here to support you, whether you have taken our training or not.
  • Consultation can be purchased in 1-hour blocks and can be used in 15-minute increments.
  • Prerequisites: Must be a licensed professional or a CAI

Registration Fees: Click here

ARISE® Training Guide

*The practicum is optional, but highly recommended, especially if no prior experience. The practicum focuses on the application of ARISE® philosophy, principles and method.