ARISE® Intervention

The ARISE® Intervention is an invitational, non-secretive, gradually-escalating process. Through Family Invitational Intervention® and Family Motivation to Change®, it empowers families by reinstating and reaffirming their intrinsic strength, resilience and hope which is so often lost in the face of addiction. The three escalating levels of the ARISE® Intervention are used only as needed. Linking Human Systems, LLC, is a mind-body-spirit approach to improving quality of life, achieving goals, overcoming challenges, providing service, training and consultation to individuals, families, facilities and communities.

In fact the results speak for themselves in that 83% of individuals who chose to enter treatment using the ARISE® Intervention, over half (55%) enter treatment following the first family intervention meeting (Level 1). Only 2% of families move on to Level 3. The amount of time a family progresses through the levels varies depending on each family’s unique situation. When there is an immediate safety concern, the Certified ARISE® Interventionist may choose to progress through all three levels in one setting.


ARISE® Continuing Care

Drug, alcohol, sex, and other addictions are a chronic, relapsing disease. Merely getting an addicted loved one to enter addition treatment plan is rarely sufficient to end the cyclic nature of addiction. Essential to attaining long-term recovery is continued family and professional involvement through treatment (to prevent checking out against medical advice) and into early recovery when relapse is so probable. ARISE® Continuing Care is designed to support families in bridging the gap between the addiction-driven life they have come to consider “the norm” and the unknown freedom of life in recovery.

The ARISE® Intervention has been extensively researched in studies funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) and is considered an Evidence-Based, Best Practice method for treating addicted individuals and their families. ARISE has demonstrated an 83% success rate within 3 weeks, results which have since been replicated in real world settings. Subsequent studies have shown a 61% sobriety rate at 1 year with an additional 10% improved.


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